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I Am Alpha. I Think so, Yes.

April 13, 2013

By Clovis


I had a good life

The whole

Yard was mine.

I could nap in

The yard and chew on

My rope


And then

One day

They came home

With a small


Who peed on

My carpet

And she

Whined a lot

And didn’t even

Have grown up

Dog teeth

Really what

They brought home

Was another


And they named

Her Chama.

Chama is a word

That means:

Smaller dog

Who will steal my


So I kept an eye

On her and


They put me outside

For 45 years.

Or minutes-

But it doesn’t matter

In the morning

They found

A big pile

Of my best work

Next to MY couch.

Now she will

Have to go


I thought.

But they didn’t believe

She did it.

Which she did.

And she stole my

Rope bone.


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