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I Am Alpha. I Think so, Yes.

By Clovis


I had a good life

The whole

Yard was mine.

I could nap in

The yard and chew on

My rope


And then

One day

They came home

With a small


Who peed on

My carpet

And she

Whined a lot

And didn’t even

Have grown up

Dog teeth

Really what

They brought home

Was another


And they named

Her Chama.

Chama is a word

That means:

Smaller dog

Who will steal my


So I kept an eye

On her and


They put me outside

For 45 years.

Or minutes-

But it doesn’t matter

In the morning

They found

A big pile

Of my best work

Next to MY couch.

Now she will

Have to go


I thought.

But they didn’t believe

She did it.

Which she did.

And she stole my

Rope bone.


Round Flat Bread with Sauce and Cheese

By Clovis


My humans

Have never

Given me

Table scraps-

But today

Might be the

Day they do

So I will watch

Them while they


That big circle

With red sauce

And cheese

And bread

I love bread

I remember that

Day after they

Took me out of

The shelter,

They left for ten years!

Maybe it was ten minutes…

And while they

We’re gone

I stole a loaf

Of bread

And now they don’t

Leave out

Any food.

So next time

I knocked

Over the


And had


Outside Again

By Clovis




I have rocks

To smell

And plants to


What is this?

A not same


I dug this up

During yesterday

I think

I smell bacon.

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